toxic love.

your perfect poison,

your vile venom,

that draws me in

with its facade of longing and lust

and fickle promise of pure love.

cunningly contagious

tantalizingly toxic

as it enters my bloodstream

and infects my needy body.

i feed off your wicked words,

your generous gestures.

i search blindly for an antidote

to your lethal allure.

i search helplessly for the exit

forgetting how i ever entered

this unholy union.

but i am trapped,

bitten by the two-headed serpent

of deceit and desire.

i am desperate and defeated.

you hold my fate nonchalantly

in your skillful hands

ready at any moment to toss

my intoxicated soul aside.

i should not stay

but i know I can never leave.

review :: We Don’t Talk About It. Ever

please read this honest and refreshing review of We Don’t Talk About It. Ever. thank you so much for going on my journey with me.



Author          Desiree-Ann Martin

Title               We Don’t Talk About It. Ever

Genre            Memoir

In this tell-it-all debut memoir, Desiree-Ann Martin in similar fashion to how Sisonke Msimang did in her memoir Always Another Country, narrates a story of her life from an early age, right through to her adult life and does this without leaving anything out. This book captures Desiree’s life journey in full and defines who and what she went through to be here today.

In true traditional memoir writing style, Desiree starts off with her early childhood days in Cape Town, being raised in a family where her uncle’s perverted tendencies and sex talk in the family were neatly swept under the rug of silence. In her honest and brutal way of telling the story, Desiree doesn’t shy away from airing the family’s dirty laundry. From her ‘subversive racist’ mother, childhood rape by her cousin and her…

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